Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Heard County, Georgia Government's Darkest Little Secret

Citizens need to know the truth about what has been the Heard County government’s darkest little secret for the past six and a half years.  After reading this, I think you’ll certainly agree that nobody in Heard County has more right to sound off and try to get some local politicians held accountable than I do.  I’m told these characters have also conducted vendettas to destroy the lives of other citizens who they resent, want to run off, or envy   But my situation is the humdinger of them all, and the one those responsible are most desperate to keep covered up.   For years, I have wanted to believe there are some people in this county who do not know the seriousness or the magnitude of the outrage that has happened to me.  

Water Authority Installed Water Main With 8-12 ft Span Left Unburied & Exposed Across An Old Well 

On My Property (Yet Claim They Are Clueless About How Problems Could Arise)

I grew up in Heard County, in the tiny community of Waresville near GA/AL State Line. I left the area at 18 for college and have followed my career all over the country, with much of my adult life having been spent in California. I’d lost every member of my immediate family in the years just prior to the onset of the nightmare I’m about to describe. So this property (which has been in my family four generations) is extremely precious to me, since it is the only connection to my family that I have left.  

I had just begun restoring my childhood home in early 2006, when my peaceful home (located 11 miles from the nearest town, at least 6.5 miles from anything even resembling industry, and 20 miles from the nearest active railroad tracks) suddenly began to be damaged by shock waves and vibration. This began one afternoon out of the blue, not gradually over time. I grew up in this very house and never felt a single tremor except for the occasional sonic boom from military jets, or vibration from low-flying helicopters. Contrary to all the yarns and excuses spun to keep this covered up, passing truck traffic on the highway had NEVER been felt by anyone in my family, with the house over 150 feet from the roadbed. Obviously, in such a remote location there are not many things this could be coming from. I soon learned that the Heard County Water Authority had left a short span of smaller diameter water main in their pipeline where it crosses my property, which of course results in a bottleneck in the flow – creating vibration as well as leaking. Later I discovered that my problems began simultaneous with the introduction of powerful pumps and other changes in operations to support some “side” water sale across state lines into Alabama.  

When I reported this problem to the Heard County Water Authority, it was very obvious they already knew ALL about it, and it was made very clear to me that they had no intention of fixing it. In the days and weeks that followed, after their employees had let slip what was occurring and that the Water Authority is responsible, I encountered strange hostility and not questions, but demands to know why I had never married!   Those in charge at the Water Authority and in the local government could not even get their minds on this problem for being totally fixated on that. Even local citizens and employees of state agencies in Atlanta that I had contacted for help appeared to have been enlisted and put up to probing into that subject, as well.  They seemed to think I owed them some explanation for not being married, instead of them owing me an explanation for why they were tearing up my home.   I have been treated as if something is wrong with me, and therefore that gives these people some right to destroy my property and injure my health rather than fix the disaster they created in my yard.

When I notified the Heard County Commission, I was mockingly told by June Jackson that my buildings (several of which are more than 100 years old) "are old anyway.” When I tried to approach local officials in person to talk with them, one male elected official literally ducked behind a building in June 2006 and ran from me! Far from serving in an oversight role (as Georgia Legislators told me in 2007 that local governments are supposed to do), just as soon as I hired an attorney after the Water Authority outright REFUSED to fix this problem, Heard County Commissioners and county employees under their supervision began making up bogus criminal charges against me. Commission Chair June Jackson’s name appeared on the very first one -- lodged only about a week after I retained an attorney and months before we even filed suit. Consider what that says!  And county workers began coming out to my home and vandalizing driveways, trees, and embankments on my property with county equipment while taunting and jeering at me.

And if anybody doesn’t believe me, well all this is part of the public record.   Here is a link to the strange criminal complaint bearing June Jackson's name.  

The consensus about this particular sham charge is that some county officials apparently thought they were entitled to swear out a vague, open-ended, 'fill-in-the-blank' criminal complaint against me just because they were Commissioners. And June Jackson must have thought sticking her name on it and claiming to be a witness would add weight to something transparently bogus, just because she was the Commission Chairperson. Neither I nor the Sheriff's investigators I talked to have ever figured out to this day exactly what I was being accused of here.  The complaint was so clearly a sham that it was just filed as a “miscellaneous” report. At the time this happened, I had never met, seen in person, or been in close proximity to June Jackson.  And I know that I had not seen Sammy Noles (or his hard-to-miss, over-sized cowboy hat) in at least a year.  When the Heard County Sheriff's Department wouldn't 'play ball' with their plans to manufacture a criminal record for me, that's when the local government's newly APPOINTED 'boy,' ex-Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh was enlisted to go after me.  All this was part of an attempt to intimidate me into not filing suit against the Water Authority.

(When I refer to the Heard government, I’m most often referring to Commission Chair June Jackson and Commissioner Sandra Allen because of their actions in particular against me.  As I will describe later, Sandra Allen was a major player in all this from the beginning, even before she landed on the county commission.  And let me tell you, I think everybody should be asking how a lot of other people could sit back and let such an outrage go on. )  I also want everyone to keep in mind the names of the “men” who were on the Heard County Water Authority Board of Directors in 2006 and 2007 when the decisions were made and the strategy put in place regarding how my situation was to be handled. They were: James Ray Gosdin, Alvin Ginn, Charles Pearce, and Johnny Adams.   My understanding was always that the 5th member (the late Robert Canady) was hardly even aware of this matter and did not play a role in it. Both the Heard County Commission and the Franklin City Council appoint the Heard County Water Authority Board members.

As the weeks drug on in 2006, a bizarre low-frequency quiver from resonation of the pipeline in the ground turned my place into a ‘shaker plate’ almost 24/7.  I quickly noticed that these strange events began, intensified, backed off, and then ended at the exact same minutes after the hour---hour after hour, day after day.  This was precise right down to the minute, and therefore clearly had a mechanical driver (such as an automated pump).  There was never really much doubt where this was coming from, and that is what makes the way it has been handled and the way I have been treated, so despicable. 

From the very beginning, it was obvious there was something far darker than just greed behind this. There was some bizarre underlying motive directed at me.  Somebody has been hell-bent determined that this damage is NOT GOING to be stopped and this matter is NOT going to be resolved under any circumstances. What at first appeared to be just a major infrastructure blunder in my yard has turned into an astonishing agenda by some in the local government and their cronies and relatives, along with a local church, to destroy my life.  As soon as I had begun to restore the family home I’d just inherited, I detected strange hostility from some local meddlers who seemed to think I needed their permission to live here.  It seems the fact I’m now too modern for some, college-educated, different to this crowd, didn’t screw my life up like some did, and suspected by them to be gay, justified in their minds treating me as something less than human and even injuring my health.  This issue is about so much more than just a water main failure, and is in fact, an act of hate.  And one of several motives playing a role is the fact some of these people currently running Heard County think they have a right to steal from me by tearing up and devaluing my property in order to profit, because they think I owe types like them something since I went to college and (in their minds) have things better than them.  I’ve even been lectured over these past six years when I called the Heard County Courthouse, that “as much money as [I] make” having gone to college, why surely I don’t expect this county to actually pay ME anything for their disaster which has literally ruined my life!  (With them having put me out of work to deal with the disaster of their creation.)

I want everyone to know that SIX years and five months after it all began, NOTHING has ever been done about this, and the problem is STILL going on – just because some of this crowd hate and resent me so much. Which is another reason why exposure of this situation is essential.  

Mortar Dissolving Everywhere From 6 Years of Low Frequency Vibration

And it's far worse than anything you’ve heard about this situation.  Oh, make no mistake – somebody had already strategized and figured out just exactly how they were going to skirt Georgia law and regulations to get away with this, before the problem ever began.  Every attorney ever involved in this matter came to that conclusion just like I did long before I ever sought out a lawyer.  Gradually, a picture has emerged of just how much effort went into preparations to attack and trash me just as soon as I came forward so I would be discredited in this county as soon as I began to report that my home was being damaged.  In the months just after this nightmare started in 2006, I would stand out in my front yard countless nights at 4:00 or 5:00 AM (when the worst pumping activity always ramped up), trying to pinpoint the trouble spots along the water main after being run out of my house, with people who knew full-well where this problem was coming from, driving by on their way to work, laughing and jeering at me.  It quickly became obvious that not only did the Water Authority and Heard County government KNOW that my problems were for real and that they were responsible, but they thought it was funny that my buildings were being torn up, and me tormented.  “The system” has been rigged all along in the perpetrators’ favor, and I constantly hear accounts of these jerks crowing about dragging this out until I either “run out of money or kill myself.”  See why voters need to clean out some people?

I filed suit years ago, but between the jaw-dropping corruption that has hindered and blocked my legal efforts, and the fact that in Georgia so many restrictions have been put in place to limit the right to sue public utilities and municipalities, “the system” has thus far failed this citizen.  Thanks to the fact water is unregulated in Georgia and therefore no state or federal agency has authority to intervene in this outrage, the Heard County Water Authority is still getting away years later, with some smart-aleck assertion that they somehow KNOW they’re not causing this – without ever having dug up the pipe trench in my front yard to investigate this problem in the 6 years since I reported it.   Yes, you just read that correctly!  Six years and seven months after this nightmare began, not one shovel of soil has ever been dug in their water main trench in my yard, except for the Water Authority’s frantic, bare-bones repairs of the one blowout and several leaks which have occurred during this time just in my yard alone.  (With them scrambling to block my view with a backhoe and Jimmy Knight trying to have me arrested for photographing their repairs in my own yard!)  And yet they claim they can somehow KNOW that nothing is wrong with their 21-year-old pipeline in my front yard?

I am especially sick and tired of the Water Authority's favorite worn-out excuse – that if they fix this problem and pay me damages, then it will be “open season” on the Water Authority, and everybody in Heard County will sue them.  Well, I know their level of incompetence rivals an act of God, but are they literally destroying everybody’s house??  What that excuse ignores is the 'one-for-the-record-books' SEVERITY of these problems they are causing at my place and the unbearable impact it is having on a human being's life! 

Because of the lack of regulation, I’ve had no option available to me except to go the costly route of filing suit to stop this destruction of the home that’s been in my family four generations.   I have been responsible for shouldering ALL of the tens of thousands of dollars in expense for testing and hiring engineers to determine what is wrong with their water system, because they have outright refused to do anything.  And they still refuse to even admit there’s a problem. With my life held hostage for over six years and me unable to sleep in my own home during much of this time, these jerks have not only REFUSED to fix their mess, but reveled in offering up one ridiculous hayseed excuse after another to blame their disaster on, in order to endlessly spar with me and my attorneys and keep this hell going on.  Everything from little earthquakes they think can occur only under my property, to blaming it on a quarry that has long been CLOSED, to demanding that I prove it’s not my hot water heater(??) shaking even buildings over 100 feet away, to making light of my brother’s tragic death by claiming my house is haunted because he died here.  At the age of 55, I’ve now spent my retirement savings trying to stop their destruction of the treasured home my ancestors built. 

And one of the most despicable motives behind the way I have been treated is some insane sexist resentment because I happen to be a woman engineer, and the absolute obsession several old boys with the county and on the Water Authority Board of Directors have had with trying to “win” some male ego contest to keep me from being proven right and them wrong about the causes of their disaster in my yard.  Hence, their near-hysterical determination to waste public resources for 6 years trying to have it their way anyhow, that vibration which has been captured by a seismometer is just something I imagined while female.  I’ve heard repeatedly from locals that some of these “men” on the Water Authority Board of Directors think this is some funny cat-and-mouse game to just keep on denying what everybody knows IS occurring at my home, just to torment some woman---primarily out of ignorant, sexist resentment because these yahoos think women aren't supposed to know about technical things, and because they so resent the fact I am an engineer.  Imagine resenting it THAT much!  Rather than just FIX their disaster, the Heard County Water Authority’s only response to this problem has been a hateful tit-for-tat 'peeing contest' directed at me every step of the way - so petty, they even sparred with my attorneys over what the name of their utility is.  

As the horrible months wore on in 2006 and 2007, attorneys and state officials stared at me with stricken expressions when they described the “sheer hatred” of me, and outright intent to “hurt you” which was fueling these people’s actions.  Nobody was more stunned than I, since I’d never met most of the individuals responsible, and in fact, had never even heard of some. Yet they all seemed to think they knew enough about me, to hate me. I almost never come in contact with the people behind this.  After spending years in California, I mind my own business when here and don’t involve myself at all in local politics.  One would be hard-pressed to imagine how anything other than who I am could bother anyone.  And that “who” could best be described as a famously independent, ahead-of-her-time, college-educated career woman, suspected by these people to be “gay.”  They also hate what I represent (the modern world, technology, California, etc.). And some of these fools had been obsessed with how I live my life, and have had their noses stuck in it for 30 years. When I became the first woman from Heard County to enter Georgia Tech back 36 years ago, my parents were accosted by some of these same yokels who were wringing their hands off about how I had “lost my mind.”  They were so ignorant, they were even asserting that the fact I became an engineer decades ago when women weren’t supposed to do such things, was evidence that I am “crazy.”  They were offering to pray for my parents!

When I've had to call the Heard County Courthouse about the legal matters which this county created in my life, I have actually been told on at least five occasions that all this damage THEY are doing to my life and home is happening to me because I'm "not living right," “don't know Jesus,” and because I'm “not living [my] life according to God’s plan.”  (And let me add that I am a very quiet, private person leading a life that's been far more respectable than most of theirs.)  Several of those comments were made to me by Heard County Clerk of Court Bryan Owensby.  I told him that I am the person being wronged, and if anybody needs to change their ways, it is the sorry people in the Heard County Courthouse who are handling this matter in the way they are, and treating a human being this way.  Everywhere I turned for help in Franklin, I was given idiotic excuses, ignored, threatened with prosecution, laughed at, told to pray about it, or told to get a husband.  Every time I stood up for myself, or tried to even complain about or report what was happening to me, I was accused of "threatening" or "harassing" somebody and then I was threatened with criminal charges.  And the motive for that was so much more than just mere harassment or to cover their rears.  It was intended to stop me from even complaining about what is happening, and also was a way of putting up a wall so these sorry people responsible can vilify me in their minds and proceed with these actions without having to think about the harm they are doing to me.

These Haters Think I Deserve Health Problems From Conditions They Are Creating at My Home

And speaking of these people trying to play God with my life and torment me, that brings me to perhaps the most disturbing part of this outrage – the severe health distress they are causing for me on countless occasions in my own home.  One thing that has tormented me most throughout this nightmare has been the way so many people (state officials, the media, and the public.) were conned by Heard County officials into believing that this issue is about nothing more than a few minor cracks in my buildings, which I have "over-reacted" to.  NOTHING could be further from the truth, and the material and photos I have included should set the record straight once and for all about that.  The Heard County Water Authority has spawned some extreme phenomena with their botched installation in my yard, and with powerful pumps which it appears they do not know how to operate properly. Something called a sound pressure wave (which gets into some very advanced science) has been generated at times by their operations, and these cause excruciating pain and pressure in my head, eyes, and ears; severe chest pressure and labored breathing, confusion, nosebleeds, and severely chapped facial (and other exposed) skin.  [See photos.] And on at least two dozen occasions, a condition that medical experts tell me is a pneumothorax (a collapsed lung caused by extreme low frequency sound pressure).  Witnesses have experienced the exact same symptoms.  

February 9, 2007 

And I want it to be known that it was when I finally became so infuriated about my pleas for help just being IGNORED, and took to calling and telling prominent citizens who knew my parents what was happening to me, and showing up (peacefully and politely) at a few people’s doors so they would HAVE TO see me in the condition shown in these photos, that suddenly the Heard government’s attempts to criminalize me went into overdrive. Within a week, the county’s newly APPOINTED Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh had hauled off and issued a bizarre Peace Bond against me with no hearing, alleging that I was some dangerous menace to the community. Without even contacting me or the attorney they knew all too well that I had retained.  (Oh, I was a “threat” to those running Heard County alright – a threat to expose their outrage!)   Such people as these are the ones who are DANGEROUS, not me!

One of the most despicable parts of this outrage is how a human being’s life was ruined, and their property and health damaged, in part just to protect the petty male egos and silly “pride” (to quote local citizens) of some old men on the Water Authority Board who have been determined to cover up not only their own blunders but also the fact that the Heard County Water Authority is a dangerously inept joke.  Last year, my attorneys and experts obtained information that appears to reveal far worse incompetence which led to this disaster, than anything even I could EVER have imagined back in 2006.  Nobody will EVER know how learning that made me feel when I thought about the six years of sheer hell I have endured due to the 24/7 bumping and “walking” motion that blunder has caused at the pipe joints in my front yard. And how it has gradually dissolved parts of the beautiful stone masonry constructed by my ancestors, and apparently led to advanced bone loss in my body.  I’m told I have a level of bone loss throughout my body that would be considered severe in a 70 year-old, and I could be left crippled for life should I fall on concrete. And yet the Heard County Water Authority was just too sorry, and hated me SO much for being a woman engineer who got out of Heard County and tried to make something of herself, and because they'd decided I might be “gay,” to even spend a few hours digging up just this one glaringly stupid blunder to make a very inexpensive repair!!  And they let this go on for SIX years after I reported these extremely serious problems and leaking. Last year, I was declared permanently disabled due to extremely severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the totally unnecessary nightmare I have been put through by the Heard County Water Authority.

Instead of Fixing the Problem, County Government Spent 2 Years “Building” a Bogus Criminal Case Against Me On the Taxpayer’s Dime in Retaliation For Filing Suit

One of my attorneys has determined that just as locals told me in 2007, it was the Heard County government that just inserted themselves into the issue and funded most of the malicious efforts to build a bogus criminal case against me (with public funds), even though my lawsuit was against the Water Authority.  I was maliciously arrested over the Christmas 2007 holidays after months of hearings held behind my back by ex-Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh. Joh had been handpicked by the County Commission for appointment just as I began showing signs of filing suit, and when they struck out with enlisting the Sheriff’s Department to harass me.   I was arrested on felony "aggravated stalking" charges made-up by employees of the Water Authority – the entity I had filed suit against.  They had been trying to set me up for months – even hanging around my home almost daily, beginning bright and early the very next morning after their appointed judge had issued a bizarre and unfounded restraining order against me.  Incredibly, I was arrested for "stalking" them about 100 feet from my own driveway when I returned home in my car (with the windows up) and drove past their worker who had been sent to lie in wait and set me up.
Several years later, when I read the newspaper accounts of the 2011 trial of Heard Commissioner Karen Isenhower, the first thing to leap out at me from the description of Ms. Isenhower's court proceeding, was the exact strategy and gameplan which criminal attorneys had warned in 2007, the Heard government was planning to use in order to railroad me.  But my aggressive exposure of what was afoot against me (mainly the huge banners in my yard calling them out by name), and media coverage of my arrest in the larger surrounding counties shot down their intentions to prosecute me.  The malicious felony charge they made up against me was never even investigated, let alone indicted in the four years since.  So by now, there’s little doubt what was really going on.  Yet the Heard County government objected to their obviously bogus charges against me being officially dismissed and insisted they remain 'on the books' for the entire 4 year statue of limitations (which just speaks volumes).  And like everything else for the past seven years, political cronyism and covering some coward's rear end is far more important than my rights and well-being.

And remember how every newspaper within at least 40 miles of Heard County was inundated in 2007 with over-the-top claims by Water Authority Director Jimmy Knight about some "domestic terrorist" supposedly opening their hydrants and wasting "a million gallons of water during a drought?" There was a very obvious insinuation that I was the culprit.  And I began to be angrily confronted about this by people who had been whipped up into a frenzy against me.  I faced tremendous local hostility about this for at least a year, and you better believe that placed me in danger.  It got so brazen that my attorney actually considered a slander suit against Knight in 2007 because I was very clearly being accused in newspapers of "domestic terrorism" all but by name.   And funny how the hysterical headlines popped up immediately after I filed suit against the Water Authority and just when my suit began to attract some media coverage. Gee, all that hysteria about the poor little Water Authority being picked on by some "terrorist" was mighty convenient for distracting the media away from the problems they were causing for me, now wasn't it?  And the insinuations served to discredit and vilify me, to boot.

Yet in the months that followed, Jimmy Knight’s wild claims to the media about the amounts of water supposedly wasted were greatly scaled back, and the story seemed to constantly change. A million gallons lost, turned out to be only 10,000 gallons. And strangely, after all the hype and hysteria, nobody was ever arrested and the story just disappeared for several years.  Back at the time, I immediately began to be tipped off by a few supportive locals that those who opened the hydrants were actually employees of the Water Authority or the county government, or their relatives.   And turns out, it looks like they were right.  How interesting that in 2011, I was told there had finally been an arrest in the much-ballyhooed hydrant "terrorism," and the person arrested was one of the very Heard County Road Department workers who I'd had to file a complaint against with the Sheriff’s Department for harassing me at my home after I filed suit.  I also find it very "interesting" that word of his arrest was kept hushed-up, after all the scare-tactics and hoopla back in 2007 which clearly insinuated that the culprit was me.  Gee, why were there no screaming headlines in the local papers announcing the apprehension of such a dangerous “terrorist,” after Knight had carped about it so?!  

Even Thought They Could Get Me Declared Crazy Like Hick Counties Used to Do 

But even more incredible, I and my amazed attorneys would later learn that these people decided to prosecute me for suing them only after somebody explained to this crowd that they wouldn't be able to get me declared "crazy" -- just because I showed signs of possibly being gay, because my brother committed suicide, and because I'm a still-decent-looking (now 55 year-old) woman who hasn't been married even one time, let alone a half-dozen like some of them. (And do tell, I’m not even looking for a husband!) And yes, these fools really do believe I am "crazy," and that is what has made them so effective in conning, "calling off," and convincing people. The problem is, it’s not because there is any legitimate basis for them to believe that. It really and truly is because the people making these claims are so confounded ignorant, backwards, and hard-down STUPID. But that is not something you can just tell state officials, the District Attorney’s Office, or the news media and get them to believe it.  You have to wait for people to come to their own understanding of that fact.  Unfortunately, while I had to wait, my home was torn up, my health damaged, and my life wrecked.   Really, Heard voters -- shouldn't the people running this county at least not make Heard County look like one of those hick places in the 1940's Deep South that AAA used to warn motorists to stay out of??

And I have learned that a local church was at the forefront of this conspiracy to convince county citizens that I was “crazy” and “dangerous,” and worked hand-in-hand with the county government to stir up hate among the public against me.   And not just any church, but the one which my parents attended, and where my family is buried, no less!  That is Bethel Christian Church, located on Glenn Road. [I will describe in detail below, the role that Bethel Church has played.]

Especially for the first couple of years after this mayhem from the Water Authority began, my life was a hell that nobody will ever understand.  I was awakened constantly and forced out of my home almost nightly by powerful resonation of the pipeline in my yard, creating vibration and disturbing health effects in my house which sits atop a stone foundation. (The stone greatly enhances the resonation.  As this mayhem has backed off over the past 18 months or so, feeling has returned to my hands and feet, which I didn’t even realize I’d gradually lost due to living with the constant vibration.  I am enraged about the uncertain health future I face courtesy of these stupid jerks.)

Occasional heavy shock waves and a “walking” effect at the pipes joints were cracking walls and foundations. The house I grew up in, with all the happy memories from childhood, was being cracked and warped all around me 24/7.  So much water was leaking from the water main in my front yard that a powerful chlorinated stream began to gush at intervals into an old hand-dug well next to my house, out of the side of its rock-lined wall.  There were constant serious propane buildups in and under the house in 2006 and 2007, caused by the shock waves and vibration.   I was desperate for help, yet the Heard County government was so desperate to keep this covered up, that they threatened me with prosecution if I called even the water utility’s after-hours emergency number about anything pertaining to “that water main.”  All my immediate family had just recently died and my few nearby relatives were elderly.  I had been out of the area for over 20 years until not long before this began, and my handful of local friends quickly informed me that I would have to seek help outside the county because they were fearful of the vindictive local government.  Especially since their livelihoods depend upon their family businesses within the county.  The few who did stick with me became fearful to do so later after I was maliciously arrested. That’s how ugly, corrupt, and dangerously hostile this situation was for several years. 

I was practically begging in 2006 and 2007 for witnesses and help in the local community, and couldn’t even imagine why I was being shunned, let alone encountering hostility everywhere I turned.  Just overnight, I had become an invisible pariah in the tiny place I came from, and my desperate pleas for help and support in the community were not only being ignored, but mocked!   I was so confused and angry that I was about to explode.  Local people in Waresville who watched me grow up ducked their heads and practically ran from me as if I was a leper.  And it was beyond obvious that locals knew what was going on with this long before I and the people conducting tests in my yard did.  Because of the bizarre health symptoms being caused by overly powerful pumps, I slept in my car many a night for months before I bought a small camper, with people who had called my late parents their friends just driving on past and pretending they couldn’t see me parked at 5:00 AM alongside the back stretches of my property, or in front of several local churches.  Let me tell you, that’s when you know a conspiracy is afoot!

Vandalism and Harassment Large Gash Cut in Embankment With Backhoe Bucket

Though I could see no peace in my home, I was afraid to leave it for any extended period of time. I’m sorry, but NO sane person would have abandoned their property with random gas leaks building up under the house from the ground vibration, and employees of the local government vandalizing their place with county equipment in broad daylight. (See photo at left of intentional damage done next to a barn with a backhoe bucket.) And frankly, for the first couple of years, neither I nor attorneys ever believed that we couldn’t get this outrage with the Water Authority stopped. We kept thinking that if I could just hang in here a little longer, a little longer . . . . . Before we knew it, a few months had turned into several years -- with my life held hostage the entire time. All I have to say is, may each and every one of these sorry people responsible rot in hell.

I was speaking out, pleading for help, on the phone daily with state officials in Atlanta (none of whom had authority to stop this utility’s destruction thanks to water being unregulated in Georgia), and trying to attract media attention.  I was told outright by the editors that this county’s tiny weekly papers would lose their major advertisers if they even mentioned this issue, and their writers “knew better than to touch “that” with a ten-foot pole.”  It struck me immediately how everybody already knew what “that” was, but nobody would talk about “that!”  Before long, my very sturdy house was literally warped from being rammed and compressed by powerful shock waves.” And that warping was very visible on the brand new metal roof -- even from the highway.  [See the photos below.] Yet I and my suffering were INVISIBLE.  And the Heard County government and Water Authority thought all this was funny and something to snicker about.

 Metal Roof Compressed and Crumpled From Powerful Heaves of Force Against House

And for those wondering the obvious question – why weren’t family and friends standing up to support me against such an outrage and raising hell about it – well, that gets into one of the most awful and unforgivable parts of this. Every member of my immediate family had died in the years just before this nightmare began. I have no living family except for some cousins, many of whom are elderly and shut-in. As for the rest, several have been supportive and very concerned, though many of them live too far away to help. But because they have decided I must be gay, some of my own relatives don't want to help me for fear their ignorant friends and some churches will think they’re “condoning homosexuality.” Some apparently think I deserve this, and are using this nightmare themselves to further their own agendas against me, in hopes of running me off so they won’t be “talked about” for having a “gay” relative. Let me tell you, nobody has been more STUNNED than I! (See why there is now such a desperate scramble by so many folks to keep what has been going on against me covered up? And why this needs exposure? People like these need to find themselves being “talked about!”) And this nightmare couldn't have happened to a worse person at a worse time in their life. I had left this area at 18, and after living in California for the previous decade, I didn’t have a local support network and most of my friends were on the other side of the country.

Showing Interior Ceiling Buckled Down Under An Area Where Roof Has Been Compressed 

For over two years, I had to sleep in a camper in the yard and fields where I played as a child (due to mayhem coming from the Water Authority’s pumping operations), with people driving by jeering and making fun of me because of a very vicious organized slander campaign against me by this county government. Local citizens began to report in 2008 that people going into the Heard County Courthouse were being given what amounted to verbal public safety announcements that I was “crazy” and “dangerous” and they should stay away from my property. Right out of the Commissioner’s Office in the Heard County Courthouse! Patty Jiles was the name that kept coming up as the main source of these "warnings," and as everyone knows, she sits practically in the office with Commission Chair June Jackson. Water Authority Director Jimmy Knight was also making such assertions to just about everybody with ears – locals and strangers alike. These conspirators so effectively blitzed this small county where gossip rules, with total lies about me having “lost my mind” and turned “dangerous,” that even some of my own elderly relatives were snookered for awhile! And all the while, I was the one really in danger and the one desperately in need of help, but being treated like a criminal every time I reached out for help.

It has now become very obvious that Heard County and Water Authority officials actively worked to incite hostility and even violence against me, all the while yelping about what Christians they are, and invoking “Jesus” against me because I might be gay.  Their actions placed me in great danger – and that was just exactly their intent.  When I obtained a recording of a hearing held behind my back at which that malicious arrest warrant was issued, Water Authority Director Jimmy Knight can be heard swaggering on the witness stand about getting himself a 9mm gun and carrying it in his vehicle in case he encounters me.  Yet I was the one arrested?!   Jimmy Knight could sleep in his house and had a job to go to, but was depriving me of that right, since I’d been put out of work to deal with this nightmare caused by the joke of a utility that he is managing.  And then for him to openly brag in a Heard County court about arming himself with a gun to be prepared to shoot the person whose life he is already a party to destroying -- ?!   What is wrong with this picture?

 Ceiling Tiles Throughout House Buckled and Sagging, and  Molding Bent From House Being Compressed and Warped

And isn’t it “interesting” that over the past 18 months to 2 years, after higher court rulings didn’t go Heard County’s way and as I've gradually exposed more of what has been going on against me, probably 90% of the destructive mayhem impacting my property from the Water Authority's operations has strangely backed off?  (That backoff occurred 2 years after news accounts reported that Heard’s water sales to Alabama had been scaled back.)  It has become very obvious that contrary to their claims during the first four years of this damage, this utility has a TREMENDOUS amount of control over the impact of their operations upon me.  Clearly, they could have taken action years ago which would have alleviated much of the absolute hell they have put me through.  This only serves to bear out what local citizens have reported to me since 2006 – that these people have purposefully let this damage continue, and even taken actions to worsen the impact upon me in order to retaliate, to torment me, and to try to drive me out of the county.  I have even been lectured that how dare I demand their water main be fixed, when it is my life that needs fixing.  (Because I might be gay, don’t share some people’s extreme religious views, don’t care to hang-out with this crowd, and God Forbid – I don’t fit their social norms, what with me not being married and not even desperate about it!)

As Soon As the Haters Realize the Water Authority Cannot Shake Me Out of My House (or Knock It Down), 

Another Nuisance Rears Its Head and Tries to Smoke Me Out of My Home

And it is certainly telling that just exactly coincident with when the Water Authority’s mayhem significantly backed off, some local opened a nuisance deer meat processing operation next to my home and began aggressively trying to smoke me out of my house.  Most of the activity was between midnight and 6:00 AM.  In 2011 and early 2012, grease even stuck on the north-facing sides of my metal roofs as shown in the photos below).  After that, there was another so-called business.  All the 'businesses' were just an excuse to keep a meat smoker going 24/7 next to my home and create a nuisance.  

Grease Residue Stuck on Roof

Winter 2013 was the third winter that I was unable to leave my electric heat pumps on at night, and had to sleep with no heat in my house most nights because of this.  The heat pumps draw stinking smoke, meat stench, and other irritants that cause eye and throat irritation into the house.  My ability to cool my house in the summer months has also been limited by these jerks, and for awhile in 2012, I had to sleep in the daytime instead of at night.  Obviously, nobody outside a 3rd World country would be expected to put up with this, yet it has been allowed to continue. Imagine being unable to open your windows, air out your house after a plumbing leak, enjoy your own yard and porches, or frankly, enjoy your property PERIOD.

Yet once again, when I complained and tried to get such a problem addressed, I was accused of "stalking" those responsible.  (Where have we heard that before??)  It was just exactly as if they had been instructed by the same old conspirators in Franklin.  And when I say 'complained,' I mean that I

Grease Residue Stuck on Roof 

 complained to the appropriate entities in the county government about the unbearable living conditions this was creating for me.  I also attempted to report intentional harassment directed at me and other suspicious activities.  I did NOT go anywhere near these people because I already knew full well what they are up to.  In 2009, the resources of the Heard Sheriff's Department were abused for months by this crowd in an attempt to set me up for some "trespassing" charge and to create a false public impression that I was somehow "bothering" them.  The truth is that I wrote these people out of my life in March 2009 when that occurred, and have had absolutely NOTHING to do with them since.  Now, I just want them to get their minds off of me, get their noses out of how I live my life, stop trying to smoke me out of my home, and leave me alone.  

Just how obvious can it get what is going on here?  It is the fact that these latest tactics and M.O., and the excuses served up to keep it going on, have been so identical to those already employed against me by the Heard County government and Water Authority, that has been such an eye-opener about just how intentional ALL of these actions for the past seven years have been.   

Consumed By Anger Because There Has Been No Justice For Me

For the first year or so of this damaging hell from the Water Authority, I would get in my car and flee my home every time I began to suffer disturbing physical symptoms.  Then after several close calls with driving in heavy rain or fog, when I'd been run out at 2:00 AM and was sleepy and groggy, I began to seriously question whether I was putting myself in more danger than if I just stayed home and toughed it out. (And that's when I got the camper.)  What really made up my mind for me was being so sleep-deprived and exhausted that I dozed off sitting upright at the steering wheel while idling my car for a couple of minutes before leaving in the middle of the night when it was 20 degrees or below.  By that time, my long-term sleep deprivation had reached the point where I was often sleeping through alarm clocks blasting inches from my head for several hours, and with me sitting upright. I decided the risk of falling asleep and being killed by carbon monoxide was greater than the risk of what I was being exposed to. What right do these people have to repeatedly put me in this kind of danger and torture me in my own home, which my ancestors worked so hard for??  And according to my attorney, some of these people accused me of sleeping in my car and then the camper, "just to get sympathy."  Would any person put themselves through what I've just described for about THREE and A HALF YEARS "(at that point) just to get sympathy?!"  That just reveals so much about the motives behind all this, and also about the people responsible.  Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this 6-year nightmare has been the absolute, TOTAL disregard for my health, my safety, and even my very humanity.  

Because there has never been any resolution or any justice for me with this situation with the Water Authority, my mind cannot leave that period of time in 2006 and 2007 when the worst of this nightmare occurred. My life just stopped back then because of so much shock and trauma. There are NO words to describe what I have endured or the anger that consumes me. And if the crowd responsible will treat one human being (who was a native of the county) this way, they would surely do the same with many of you. 

Marie Meacham

Read: Actions of the Water Authority Board of Directors and Why I Hold Them Responsible  

Throughout this nightmare, the one thing above all else that always perplexed me and my attorneys, was how these conniving conspirators managed to snooker and call off so many intelligent people in influential positions with the state, the courts, the media, and the public. And plant doubts about me in people's minds to the point where some either didn't want to get involved on my behalf, or didn't take me seriously back at first when this might have been stopped before SO much damage was done. Well, that question has now been answered.  Just in the last 18 months I have learned that local Bethel Christian Church was at the forefront of a malicious conspiracy to convince county citizens, public officials, judges, etc. that I was “crazy,” "mentally unstable," and “dangerous.”  And they worked hand-in-hand with the Heard County government to stir up hate and hostility against me, and to discredit my claims against the Water Authority.  It was the fact that a church with ties to my family was making up bogus claims about me posing a threat to their congregation that gave such weight and false legitimacy to this vicious conspiracy against me. And that was exactly what got the Heard County government’s lies about me taken seriously by elected officials, the media, judges, etc.  Let me stress that not all of the Bethel congregation were involved in this – just the people who pretty much “run” the church.  In fact, a lot of congregation members were probably unaware any of this ever happened and several have remained friendly towards me.  And a few old-time Waresville residents never bought into this bunk against me either.

Members of the Bethel congregation even trotted over to the County Commission’s appointed “boy” (Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh) and made up TOTALLY bogus criminal allegations that I was placing threatening notes on the Bethel Church door, and even claimed they had become afraid of me!   The only thing ever posted at that church pertaining to me was a harmless copy of the newspaper article that The LaGrange Daily News ran about my situation with the Heard County Water Authority -- posted amongst flyers about fundraising for locals in need.


Shameful Role of Bethel Christian Church

Walls and Molding Bowed and WarpedThroughout House 

The ringleader was apparently Heard County Commissioner Sandra Allen who is a member of Bethel Church and was even reported to have told part of the Bethel congregation in December 2007 that hopefully the county’s malicious arrest warrant would cause me to kill myself like my brother did. (With Bill lying buried in the cemetery outside.)  The Heard government has even USED the February 1998 suicide of my brother against me to stir up public hysteria that somehow the fact he committed suicide means that I am violent and dangerous. They have milked my brother’s tragedy for all it was worth to fabricate some “parallel reality” that this “issue” is about me being “dangerous” and “crazy” and some threat to the perpetrators, instead of them refusing to fix an infrastructure failure and tearing up everything I own; and then having me arrested for filing suit. I was infuriated and STUNNED to learn that over those horrible 2007 Christmas holidays while the county’s malicious arrest warrant was hanging over my head, some at Bethel Christian Church were practically fanning the flames of hate and hysteria against me. Horrified locals literally stopped in the highway when they spotted me in my yard over those holidays to warn me that Sandra Allen was telling people at the church that I was holed up in my house with guns and explosives vowing not to be taken alive, and that I was preparing to “shoot up” the Water Authority building.  That definitely put me in danger and I immediately reported it to both the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorneys Office. Nothing was ever done.

For years before this issue with the Water Authority ever began, some of my relatives and other locals were warning me and my mother that Sandra Allen was insanely jealous of me, and absolutely obsessed. It was pretty obvious. Whenever I went to a gathering where she was present, she would huff up just exactly like an old toad, stand pouting and sulking and staring at the floor, and start to behave in an anti-social manner. The sight of me ruined her day. She became a laughingstock for it. Everybody just assumed it was because she was extremely obese and had a chip on her shoulder. Then people began to tell me that she was obsessed with trying to imitate me and things that I do.  It seems that she hates me, but yet she wants to BE me, or at least be and imitate some of the things which have always attracted attention and recognition to me.  I almost never came in contact with this toxic person, and had never given her much thought before this nightmare situation arose with the Heard County Water Authority and she inserted herself into it and began interfering in my litigation. There is even evidence that right after I filed suit she misrepresented herself to judges and people in influential positions as being a family member of mine with supposed “knowledge” that I’d always been “crazy.”  My attorneys and I have always believed that these false claims and interference by her (and now we learn, the church too) were one of the main reasons why my case couldn't ever get on the court docket back at critical stages when this outrage could have been stopped before it did SO much damage to my life.  Had we been able to determine that such as this was going on, the attorneys could have shot it down, but it's hard when you're the only side playing by the rules!  

Though I’m ashamed to admit it, this disgusting old gal is slightly related to me -- probably about a 4th cousin. But I had never even met or seen her until I was about 40 years of age and she was about 50. So obviously, she doesn't have much "history" of an association with me upon which to base her phony claims that she knows so much about me.  But long before we ever met, I'd heard plenty while growing up about Sandra Allen from the “old ones” in my family who referred to her as “the family disgrace.” And it appears that she is projecting some of her own “issues” onto me now. It has not been lost on a lot of people besides myself that another reason why some of these schemers tried to manufacture a criminal history for me, and had me maliciously arrested, was because several of the conspirators behind all this desperately want to drag me down into their own miserable, grimy worlds.

But it gets a lot worse.  In the weeks right after I was maliciously arrested, outraged citizens began coming forward with incredible revelations about what had been going on against me in Heard County.  The greatest shocker of them all was when people revealed that Sandra Allen had been spreading some bizarre and delusional tale that I had accused her elderly father of trying to attack me.  She had even conjured up some imaginary “meeting” in my living room where in her mind, she had confronted me about accusing ‘daddy.’  Her fantasy included people supposedly present who were already dead at that time.  In the first place, anybody who knows anything about me would tell her in a heartbeat that if ol Henry had tried a stunt like that with me, “daddy” wouldn’t be alive to be whining and whimpering lies about me behind my back. Unlike these cowards, it’s hardly my style to go around “accusing” people behind their backs.  Every single person telling me about this kept giving me the very same exact description of how she would get a “crazy glint” in her eye as she would launch into the same elaborately detailed spiel.  It has become very obvious that just as local citizens are telling me, this hateful, jealous, (and in my opinion, disturbed) woman actually believes this tale herself.  And that is what has made her so convincing to other haters at Bethel Christian Church and in the county government, who recite her bunk against me almost in rhythmic cadence as if they are brainwashed. One of the greatest ironies in all of this is the fact that I am the one who actually needed a restraining order against some of these people YEARS before they got a malicious one issued against me.

I have also learned in the time since, that it appears Sandra’s father (Henry Allen) is the person who actually made up this phony tale about me accusing him of trying to attack me, and spread that lie to get back at me and save face after I got sick and tired of several years of his meddling into why I wasn’t married, and sort of told him off.  He had asked me more than a dozen times at that point why I wasn’t married, and was so obsessed with the subject that he was making scenes at public gatherings. Nothing I said to him was that terrible, but I put him in his place and it got him laughed at by a group of elderly women who heard it. Some local men now tell me they believe he made up his story to save face because he wasn’t man enough to handle being told off.  Since they'd known him all their lives, they believed his tale about me until all this came out after I was maliciously arrested and I began to speak out and set the record straight. (And yes -- that's exactly why some elderly local men who were friends of my parents didn't want to help me, or come to my home, or have anything to do with me when this damage by the Water Authority first began, and I was pleading for help from neighbors!)  The second I learned about that bizarre tale, it filled in a LOT of puzzle pieces about how I had been shunned and treated regarding this issue, and why some people had reacted as they had when I asked for help. Can anybody even imagine how angry this makes me? And consider how despicable it makes Henry Allen.  I absolutely could not live with myself if I did not publicly expose this, especially since my rights have been further trampled and me further harmed by all the desperate and cowardly efforts since then, to keep it covered up.  Several of the same local men have also told me they have lost all respect for Henry Allen as a result of this. They are horrified at the terrible damage to my life which his lie and Sandra Allen’s misrepresentations, set in motion.

To say that some of these people had been “OBSESSED” for years with the subjects of why I’m not married and why my mind doesn’t stay on sex like them and their families, just might be the understatement of the century. The word “obsessed” is just not adequate to do it justice! When my elderly mother suffered a broken hip and had to spend several months in the local Franklin nursing home, she couldn’t even sleep in her room for constant attempts to pump her for information about me, about how much money I made, and especially about THE burning question -- why in the world I had never gotten married. On one occasion she was asked why I had never married THREE times in the same day, by the same person! And that was a young employee, not an elderly, forgetful patient. (The people operating the nursing home had nothing to do with this. Instead, it was some of their hired help, and several of the other elderly patients and their visitors.)

When I was barred by the county attorney in 2006 from calling county services for help with the damage, disruption, and even gas leaks at my home courtesy of the Heard County Water Authority, I asked around about what the hell was wrong with these people. I was told by the few locals who weren’t shunning me and weren’t afraid to talk with me, that in addition to covering this up, some yahoos honestly thought this nightmare would force me to finally have to get myself a husband (apparently to deal with it)! And they appeared to be dead serious.  What's worse, I didn't even doubt this was the truth.  These backwoods obsessions about me had been a running joke in my family for years before any of these current issues arose. Some of my own relatives, though they tried hard not to hurt this crowd’s feelings, had been laughing their heads off at them for years because of their obsessive 19th Century belief that it was some crisis that I wasn’t married.  And the county government and Water Authority crowd are so obsessed with this topic, until they’ve even tried to use the depositions in my litigation against them to nose around and find out if I have “intimate relationships,” much to the outrage of my attorneys.

Heard County Court System Was Abused (and Public Resources Squandered) to Conduct Two Modern-Day “Witch-Trials” Against Me in 2007, Which Heard Citizens Need to Know About

Heard County Road Commissioner Sammy Noles (who supervised all the rogues who had been vandalizing my place) was apparently going to argue that I am “dangerous” and some public menace who should possibly have my freedoms restricted because I shouted at his workers to stop damaging my property.  It was announced that Jimmy Knight was going to "present the Water Authority's case against Ms. Meacham," and that Sammy Noles was going to "present the county's case against" me. Apparently they weren’t expecting me to bring my attorney and his court reporter, and the dog and pony showed folded after a few minutes, as soon as they spotted the court reporter. But not before we had to listen to Judge Leopold Fritz Joh give an almost delusional rambling spiel from the bench about terrorism?!  Terrorism??  My attorney and I honest-to-God thought he was crazy, since I had been summoned on vague charges of making juvenile-sounding “threats” against unnamed persons and “extending the middle finger,” when "extending the middle finger" is not even a crime in Georgia even if it had happened.  At that point we were unaware that a conspiracy was afoot among these people to manufacture a totally bogus criminal case that I was opening fire hydrants all over the county and “tampering with a utility.”  We didn’t even know what Joh was talking about that day.  Later, it would become apparent that Leopold Joh was laying the groundwork at that hearing for a sham felony case against me which would have been far more serious than what they had to settle for after I pushed back and exposed what they were up to.

On September 25, 2007, the entire Heard County Water Authority, a throng of Heard County road maintenance workers who’d been vandalizing my property for months at taxpayer expense, Sandra Allen, and (I swear) a town drunk had been assembled for a hearing against me at the Heard County Courthouse.  And cowering smugly amongst the mob was then Water Authority Board Vice-Chairman Charles Pearce, who always appeared to be a key mastermind in the approach that’s been taken and the way I have been treated.  My attorney determined that these ‘Medieval-villagers-stoning-a-leper’ planned to take turns mouthing off on the witness stand for hours about what a horrible person THEY think I am -- with them destroying everything I own and keeping me from sleeping in my own house. As long as I live, I will never forget that I went to that September 25, 2007 “witch trial” (which I had been subpoenaed to) straight from sleeping in my car in front of Paran Baptist Church located at the GA/AL State Line, because of being run out of my home in the early hours of that night by the Heard County Water Authority’s operations. (A few weeks later, I finally had to buy a small camper just to sleep in.)  Surely no one can question why this made me ashamed to be from Heard County or why I have come to view all these conspirators as nothing but a pack of ignorant trash that belong in the DogPatch comic strip.  They deserve every bit of exposure and ridicule and scorn that I can heap upon their sorry selves. 

And when their first abuse of the courts didn’t scare me into dropping my lawsuit, the second dog-and-pony show was held on October 24, 2007. I will never forget how the thought crossed my mind on the morning of that second hearing, to hide a voice-activated tape recorder in my handbag. I figured it was illegal and that was the only reason why I didn't.  But in hindsight, considering the terrible damage done to my life by the opposing side's abuse of the law and the courts and the system against me in order to have me arrested and sabotage my civil suit, well -- I wish that I had.  That's the only way anybody would ever believe the abuses of the system and the courts perpetrated against me in the Heard County Courthouse. (And it was what had already happened at the first “witch-trial” in September that made me so tempted to sneak in a recorder.)  Judge Leopold Fritz Joh kicked this second hearing off with more delusional rambling.  But this time they’d had to lower their sights, so there was no mention of “terrorism” charges when Joh issued a self-serving “Good Behavior” restraining order against me under the ruse of protecting county and Water Authority employees from supposed threats posed by me.  In reality, this malicious order was crafted just to set me up for arrest, and to bar me from photographing and collecting evidence for my civil damage suit against the Water Authority.

This October 24, 2007 proceeding then degenerated into more of a circus when current Commissioner Sandra Allen paraded up to Judge Leopold Fritz Joh and told him she was fearful that I would call her.  My attorney and I could not hear all of her contrived spiel, but it was obvious that she was claiming I was placing harassing calls to her, and was requesting that some edict be issued which would "protect" her from my calls.  Apparently, this was too much even for Judge Leopold Joh, and he told her to go sit down---that she was already "protected" by the so-called "Good Behavior" document that was being issued against me.  I have NEVER called this woman in my entire life, except to dial back a strange number I found on my caller I.D. after she had called ME on June 22, 2006 to inform me that I was "crazy" and imagining this damage from the Water Authority. (She had stuck her nose into something that was absolutely none of her business with that call to me, and without having set foot on my property to find out what was going on.)  At the October 24, 2007 hearing Sandra Allen was openly smirking and hamming it up when she made these allegations to Joh about me calling her, and that set off snickering and merriment in the courtroom.

I cannot stress enough what an unprofessional and downright hick circus both of these hearings held against me were.  They were making a mockery of this county's court system, of the law, and of me; in an attempt to teach me a lesson and put an uppity woman 'in her place;' and to belittle and marginalize me, my lawsuit, and the entire issue I'd been forced to file suit about. What made it most surreal was how they weren't even trying to mask that they were abusing the court against me. The entire hearing was conducted like some kangaroo court session with people laughing and snickering. The tone towards me was mocking and one of hate.  It was like me and my issue were something that didn't have to be taken seriously, and the reason coming through LOUD AND CLEAR was sexism. The old boys behind this still hadn't figured out that I was not going to be intimidated or embarrassed into going away and dropping this.  These people don't seem to understand that the court system, the county water utility, the Sheriff's Department, and the county road maintenance department are NOT toys, tools, or weapons at their disposal for them to get back at people, conduct vendettas, and punish people with.

It was at this second ‘witch trial’ that I spotted several members of the Bethel Christian Church congregation.  My life was such a dark place at that point because of the nonstop mayhem occurring at my home and preventing me from sleeping, not to mention all the harassment, that I honest-to-God didn’t realize these sorry church members were there to make false accusations (and even criminal claims) against me.  Not until I saw them huddled with Sandra Allen, sneering and glaring at me. When I first spotted these neighbors who watched me grow up in Heard County, I actually wondered if they might be there in a show of support and outrage about what was being perpetrated against me!  Little did I know they were present to persecute me, bear false witness against me, and try to damage my life.  In addition to current Heard Commissioner Sandra Allen, I recognized Bethel congregation members Marie Pike and her daughter Debbie Pike.   I believe there were others present as well, whose names didn’t register.  

It first became obvious that Bethel Christian Church was playing a role in the county government’s agenda against me on October 24, 2007 when some of the congregation showed up at the appointed Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh's second of two 'witch trial' hearings held against me in Heard Magistrate Court -- clutching their Bibles.  They even looked like something right out of Salem.  With me being aggressively ignored and laughed at as I tried to report and stop the damage to my buildings, the court system of Heard County was abused against me (at taxpayer expense), first on September 25th and again October 24, 2007 in an attempt to keep the Water Authority's outrage continuing and swept under the rug. Two modern-day 'witch trials' intended to intimidate, embarrass, and punish me for suing the Water Authority were conducted in Heard Magistrate Court  by Judge Leopold Fritz Joh.  Apparently, with their 19th Century attitudes towards women, this crowd thought that any female would just be shamed into just dropping her lawsuit to stop their damage. This was literally an abuse of the county’s courts to hold a public shaming of some uppity woman who dared sue the old boys that run Heard County.

Leak Repair Revealed Water Main Buried 2 Feet Deep in Part of My Yard 

After the hearing, neighbors reported Sandra Allen lying to people far and wide that I “had been put on probation” at that October 24, 2007 ‘witch trial’ held to harass me. But when they questioned her, nobody could ever determine what for. What was actually issued against me at that hearing was the sham restraining order crafted just for the purpose of setting me up for malicious arrest on whatever bogus criminal charges that county employees could pull off.  Later, locals would report that for months Sandra Allen had also been helping the Water Authority spread lies far and wide that I had opened 15 to 20 fire hydrants and wasted a million gallons of water in Ephesus, which is out of the way for me and on the opposite side of the county.  (In one night and all by myself apparently!  Since Heard County Water Authority workers had also accused me of practicing witchcraft in April 2007, I must have been on my broom for that one!)

Just Like Something Out of Salem

I have been absolutely A-M-A-Z-E-D at the hateful vendetta conducted against me by Marie Pike.  She had been friends (or pretended to be) with my mother, and I had always liked her and had been very friendly with her.  It is very much worth noting that both Marie Pike and her daughter Debbie Pike had family and/or economic entanglements with Water Authority Board member Alvin Ginn back while they were going to these extreme efforts against me.  Ginn lives in the same community that I do -- only two miles from my house.  Yet he has outright REFUSED to even set foot on my property one single time to so much as investigate this damage by the Water Authority during the entire six years it has been occurring. Back at the time when this problem with the Water Authority began, both Marie and Debbie Pike were or had recently been employed by Alvin Ginn in his private propane business.  I had once heard Marie Pike refer to Ginn’s wife as her “best friend.”  What's more, Marie Pike's other daughter was married to Alvin Ginn's brother back when this began.  Still, in spite of all that, I wonder if hate hasn't been more the motive than protecting her own selfish interests or covering Alvin Ginn’s rear.  And soon, when people began to come forward after I was maliciously arrested with information about just HOW vicious and hateful these people's actions against me were, it became apparent that much more was going on here than just covering Alvin Ginn's rear.

Try to imagine what you would think if some old lady who had watched you grow up in the tiny place you came from, and who had supposedly been your mother’s friend, called your house (after shunning you for 2 years) to help officers “catch you” during a corrupt attempt by the local government and courts to maliciously arrest you!  That’s right – on December 19, 2007, officers were sent to my home in an attempt to arrest me on the malicious warrant issued by ex-Magistrate Judge Leopold Fritz Joh.  Keep in mind that because neither me nor my attorney had been “invited” to Joh’s November 26, 2007 warrant hearing, we were oblivious that any arrest warrant had been issued.  I was elsewhere on my property and unaware of it at the time, but apparently either multiple attempts were made or they spent an extended period of time at my house, trying to find me. That evening, I was stunned to check my caller I.D. and discover that Marie Pike had placed FIVE phone calls to my home number (without blocking her name or number) during the very time while the attempt to arrest me was underway!  One thing is for certain – as incredibly hostile towards me as she had become, it certainly wasn’t to chat.  Apparently, Marie Pike thought I was hiding and evading arrest in my house, and took it upon herself to call and help them “catch me” at home!  Even the fact that she KNEW about the arrest attempt while it was ongoing demonstrates the level of collusion and conspiracy against me between Bethel Christian Church and the Heard County government.

Trim Finally Shaken Off Stone Building on June 21, 2010 While the Matching Piece Dangles 

One of the most stunning revelations to come out of this situation was when I learned from several newcomers who had moved into the neighborhood, that Marie Pike and some of her clique were practically working overtime to stir up pure HATE against me among the public and new people moving into the community. They were telling people that I deserved all this, and were warning newcomers that I was someone who should be avoided like the plague because I was "crazy," would “bother the daylights” out of people trying to get witnesses to the "ground 'a shaking," and that I was "a local pest."  And it was even darker.

The newcomers all told of Sandra Allen and a couple of others among the Bethel congregation chewing their ears off about how "crazy," "weird," and “dangerous” I was, and how I had suddenly just taken to "imagining that the water main was ‘a shakin’ her house.”  People were being told (with the intent of inciting hate against me) that I had “turned out to be a lesbian.”   I’ll never forget the identical accounts about how people moving into the community were being jumped by this crowd literally before they could get their belongings unpacked, and warned to stay away from me. They all told of having their suspicions aroused and sensing that something wasn’t right, just because of how desperate the Bethel crowd were to turn them against me before they could meet me.  One newcomer even tried to tell these people at Bethel REPEATEDLY that he had witnessed these problems from the Water Authority occurring at my place.  He couldn’t believe how determined they were to put on blinders and refuse to believe that it was happening.   Several of these 'outsiders' expressed outrage to me that a community would watch somebody's health visibly decline right before their eyes, look the other way and CONDONE something this horrible being allowed to continue, and yet trash and ridicule me as "crazy" for trying to report it!  And then show up at that second ‘witch trial’ hearing held to persecute me in the local Magistrate Court, clutching their Bibles like the phony hypocritical haters they are.  Trying to bend reality to have it that I was the one doing something "wrong" instead of them and their sorry kinfolks.

The pure hate and venom in the remarks made about me to these newcomers was just astounding.  It is important to point out that I did not even attend Bethel Church except occasionally for funerals and special events, and certainly did not hang out with these people.   Though I was friendly, we had lived very different lives in very different worlds. And all this about me being such “a pest” was certainly a shocking change in their tune, since relatives had told for years about some of these same people whining and lamenting because I didn’t come to Bethel Church or visit with them on my brief 48-hr weekend trips from California to see my mother.  I had never interacted with them enough to “pester” anybody.  I just cannot stress strongly enough what a shock their hatred and vicious actions have been.  I had always been cordial with ALL of these people (except for Sandra Allen, and that was because she was so sullen and jealous that she wouldn’t even speak to me).  None of this congregation were ever “friends” of mine in any sense of the word simply because I had never known them that well, since I left the community at 18 for college.  But there had certainly been no harsh words or disagreements before this happened, and I had nothing against these people. And my mother had thought the world of some of these folks. What infuriates me most is the fact I had NEVER asked these people for help with anything before this awful problem arose.  So how dare they accuse me of “pestering” them when I really DID need help more than anybody will ever know.  I am probably one of the most self-sufficient human beings on earth and someone who finds it very hard to ask other people for help.  I’m told they envied and resented me for my strength and independence, and that is one reason why they have found it so cute to lie and make up false claims that I was some local pest, always “bothering” people for help.  May they all someday desperately need help themselves, only to have everybody just laugh at and mock them.  (And do I ever have the perfect name for any gospel singing group they ever form at Bethel Christian Church – the Bethel Backstabbers!)

A year after hearing all these accounts from new residents in the community, some more new neighbors moved in and got to know me before this Bethel crowd could “get to” them.  Later, one reported to me being besieged by some of these same hateful church meddlers who were also trying to turn them against me. But now they were taking a new approach.  Now they were pushing an entirely different load of bunk to these people who had already met me and weren’t likely to be fooled with the “dangerous” and “crazy” claims.  This time it was some sexist, backwards hysteria that I was “lonely,” and "unhappy," and "missing out on [my] life," and had quit acting “like [I] used to.”  And especially that I needed to move out of Heard County to some place where there are other “intelligent” and “educated” people like me so I could “meet somebody and get married!”  Well, who anointed them God??  These church connivers have desperately tried to convince people that I would be “better off” if I was run out of Heard County.  Turns out, a HUGE part of this incredible outrage against me in Heard County has been because a pack of ignorant meddlers have anointed themselves God and set out to “play God” with my life.   I have never had one flipping thing in common with these people and they know absolutely NOTHING about who I really am, yet they think they have some right to make life choices and decisions (like where I should live) FOR another adult citizen.  The truth is that I have never been lonely a single day in my life.  I liked my life just the way it was, thank you; and I am a fiercely independent soul who would honest-to-God rather be dead than married to anybody (of either gender).   Because of things about me they don’t know, these people have done more damage to my life with all their dumb-as-dirt meddling and attempts to “mess up” my life, than anybody will ever know.  And it is VERY important to point out that these sorry people at the church tried the ‘running me off for my own good’ approach only after I and my attorneys had shot down their attempts to get me declared “crazy” and manufacture a criminal record for me!

And how despicable is it that if the cold, hard truth be told, one of this Bethel crowd’s primary motives for the damage they have done to my life was pure hatred and jealousy because I DIDN'T drop out of high school pregnant or get arrested for drugs and DUI a dozen times like some of their offspring did.  They resent the fact that unlike some of their children and grandchildren, I and my brother didn’t get arrested, dump children on our parents to raise, and conduct ourselves like we were trying to get on the Jerry Springer Show.  So just as soon as my kind, gentle, elderly mother died, these haters set out to mess up my life FOR me.  Being jealous and petty is one thing, but taking it upon themselves to go over to a corrupt Magistrate Court hearing being held solely for the purpose of trampling my rights on October 24, 2007 -- clutching Bibles -- and be prepared to make up LIES (and even false criminal accusations) that I was somehow harassing, scaring, and threatening them?!  Well, that's a VERY SERIOUS matter.

Several years after this nightmare with the Water Authority’s damage began, it hit me that these people had actually begun to shun me immediately after my mother died.  And dark undercurrents and hostility had already arisen back then about whether I might be gay, even before this issue with the Water Authority started.  But I didn’t even recognize the seriousness of it at that point, and was frankly oblivious to the fact they were trying to shun me, because it was just so refreshing that they had finally quit asking me why I’m not married every five minutes, and nosing into my life.  Looking back, I now realize that the hate had begun well before any issues arose with the Heard County Water Authority.  I will never forget attending the first Sunday service held at Bethel Church in the days following my mother’s funeral to deliver a note I'd written for the pastor to read to the congregation, thanking the church for a reception held to honor my mother.  As everyone was exiting the service, one of these haters loudly asked me if a windstorm that was beginning to brew outside was “something else you brought on us, Marie, like you brought that drought from California?”  That drew loud snickers from some.  That was the last time I set foot in Bethel Christian Church, and it will be the last time that I ever will.  

Even after doing all this damage to my life, these animals now REFUSE to believe that I have been harmed or suffered any health damage.  One psychologist familiar with this situation observed a few years back that this pack are so insanely jealous and hate me so much, that as long as I’m alive and have air to breathe, their minds cannot accept that it’s even possible for me to be harmed! According to her, they see me as something that is not even human and want to damage me and cut me down because they feel inferior.  And I had been amazed for years at how some of them were so obsessed with every nit-picking thing about me, until it’s a wonder they even had time to tend their own business.  While my Mom was alive, when I would come to visit from California, she would receive incredible calls from local meddlers who she hardly knew asking questions about what time I got up in the morning, whether I prepared my own food or ate my mother’s wonderful cooking, and what I did when I was here!  And there have been all sorts of accounts about meddlers hoping to gain access to my medical records in this litigation against the Water Authority.  Not out of any curiosity about health damage I might have suffered, mind you, but in hopes of learning the answer to that ONE burning question their minds stay stuck on – why in the world Marie ain’t interested in gittin’ married.

And would you believe that after doing all this damage to my property and health, and robbing me of six years of my life, the entire crowd responsible have been half-past desperate to drive me back to California (where I worked before this happened), and back into the high-stress jobs I used to hold.  Even after I’ve been declared disabled.  The reason?  Because some of these cowardly people think if they can now hound and kick and drive me back to work so things will be like they used to be, then they can stay in denial about the harm they’ve done to somebody -- not to mention keep all this covered up.  And of course one reason they are so desperate to drive me back to work in jobs I’m no longer able to hold thanks to THEM (just as if they’re kicking a wounded dog to run it off), is so they can hide from their own guilty consciences and continue to blow off to everybody about what “Christians” they are.

For years before her death, and before this nightmare ever reared its head, my sweet elderly mother was also pestered half to death by some of these meddlers nosing into why my work schedule was flexible. (I was an independent engineering consultant which allowed me to take time off to spend with my Mom in her last years.)  Apparently, they resented the fact that I didn’t punch a clock like them, as if that was any of their business.  They were incapable of grasping the very concept of somebody working freelance and outside the traditional 9 to 5 routine (which was common in California years before anybody ever heard of it here), and kept calling my poor mother to ask her why I had “quit another job!”  

When this damage by the Water Authority began, I was taking some time off after my mother’s death to complete online courses in preparation to steer my career into a different niche.  Well, that drove these meddlers berserk, and I have honest-to-God wondered if they decided to shake my house down in some yahoo attempt to drive me out of it, and back to work.  By the time this problem began, they had gotten so meddlesome until they actually took to prying with some of my relatives about why I had quit my job and “holed up” in my house.  As if it was any of their business if I had.  They were even asking if I thought I “didn’t have to work anymore” cause I’d gotten money after my mother’s death, and planned to “retire!”  When I told a couple of them (in response to their meddling questions) that I was completing online courses, they stared at me as if I’d stepped out of a UFO.  They didn’t even know what the word “online” meant in 2005, yet seemed to think they had some right to tell ME how to live MY life.

As a result of this nightmare I’ve been put through and the six-year hate campaign conducted against me, I can no longer stand to be around people and now desperately avoid most social situations.  Yet even now, the reaction of the haters responsible for all this has been to use my quiet seclusion as further basis to claim that I am a “dangerous” recluse holed up in my residence and posing a menace to them!  The hell with them!   I’m certainly not going to be driven out of the home I love, or driven anyplace just so the pack of meddling idiots responsible for all this don’t have to feel guilty, and can cover up what they’ve done.  After this nightmare has been allowed to drag on for SO long that my life now seems worthless to me, the ONLY thing on earth that means anything to me is my home and property which they have tried so hard to tear up and drive me out of.  I have fought these sorry people tooth and nail for six and a half years and I am NOT going anywhere.  After being put through this, all I want is peace and quiet and a place where I can begin to lower my stress level and recover my health.  

Large Crack on Stone Building 

And perhaps the one question above all else that I would like answered, is what ever made this crowd think I should care for one second whether they approve of me living here, anyway.  Nobody on this planet cares what people like them think about anything.  And I'm told that those who went to such extremes to shun me when I needed help were stupid enough to think I’d be so desperate for them to be friends and “talk to” me again, that I’d just drop my litigation to stop this terrible damage, and why things would be like they used to be.   Let’s put this in perspective. This unnecessary nightmare has done well over a hundred thousand dollars in damage to my buildings, cost me my retirement savings on legal and engineering expenses, put me out of work for several years, left me diagnosed with permanent health damage, and has destroyed now six and a half years of my life.  And yet they think I ought to be thrilled to death just to get this over with and have their sorry a**es  “talking to” me again??  If any of them ever so much as speak to me again, I will spit in their faces. What I want is my buildings fixed, not dumb, miserable fools to talk to! 

I hope that in the future I can have the graves of my immediate family removed from the Bethel Church cemetery and relocated to some place that is not a den of hate.  I intend to be buried with my family, and obviously, I would never want to be buried at a church that participated in a six-year vendetta to destroy my life, or in the midst of the sorry individuals responsible for this.   It almost turns my stomach to go to the cemetery to visit my family’s graves now.  I feel ashamed that I am still allowing them to lie buried in such a place.  And I shudder to even imagine what my parents and grandparents would think of a sorry lot of people who pretended to be their friends and visited in their home on countless occasions, yet would gang up to conduct such a conspiracy against me practically before the last of them was ‘cold in the ground,’ as the old saying goes.  One of the things that has bothered me most is how these Bethel people have been so perfectly content to sit back and watch the home that was the pride and joy of my parents and grandparents, be torn up -- after all those times they visited in this home; and after all the work that my late father did on many of their homes. My Dad (William Banks Meacham) was a sought-after local builder, electrician, craftsman, jack-of-all-trades, and a “fix-it” whiz who could repair just about anything.  There is something particularly disturbing about them being a party to the destruction of the home that he loved and worked so hard on.

I have heard from one local citizen after another that these cowards fear two things above all else.  Having this outrage they have perpetrated against me exposed, and being “talked about.”  Therefore, I would like for everybody on earth to be “talking about" them and what they have done.  Just as the local government and the courts of Heard County have been abused against me, these people have abused a church against me.  These hateful congregation members have basically used a church as a weapon to do great evil.

Marie Meacham